Boys Varsity Team

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Front Row (L to R): Cale Powell, Skyler Tewell, Logan Williams, Blayne Winningham, Jordan Jones, Noah Weger, Jarrett Winkles, Dayman Parkman

Back Row (L to R): Leyton Ivers, Zeth Underhill, Brenyn Winningham, Ethan Kelly, Ryan Schultz, Damon Zollars, Brayden Sherman

Coaches (L to R): Coach Randy Bishop and Coach Ian Laughlin

Indians Varsity Stats. 

Lawrenceville(40) Charleston(50)

Name of Player Total Points ScoredTotal Rebounds
Blayne Winningham156
Jordan Jones73
Jarrett Winkles51
Noah Weger57
Skyler Tewell 41
Brayden Sherman1
Logan Williams1
Brenyn Winningham1

Lawrenceville (57) Red Hill (35)

Name of PlayerTotal Points ScoredTotal Rebounds 
Skyler Tewell151
Jordan Jones95
Noah Weger83
Blayne Winningham78
Brayden Sherman64
Jarrett Winkles 6
Logan Williams62
Brenyn Winningham1
Damon Zollars1
Zeth Underhill1

Capital Classic

Lawrenceville (77) Edwards County (35)

Name:Total Points Scored:Total Number of Rebounds:
Blayne Winningham18
Jordan Jones174
Skyler Tewell114
Logan Williams71
Brayden Sherman84
Brenyn Winningham71
Hunter Scott7
Ethan Kelly2
Damon Zollars1

Capital Classic

Lawrenceville (35) Mt. Carmel (64)

Name:Total Points Scored:Total Number of Rebounds:
Skyler Tewell15
Logan Williams61
Ethan Kelly65
Jarrett Winkles 31
Jordan Jones21
Brayden Sherman23
Blayne Winningham15
Hunter Scott1

Capital Classic

Lawrenceville (46 pts.) Marshall (70 pts.)

Name:Total Points Scored:Total Number of Rebounds:
Skyler Tewell131
Logan Williams123
Blayne Winningham67
Brenyn Winningham42
Jordan Jones33
Ethan Kelly31
Brayden Sherman32
Jarrett Winkles23