On behalf of Parkview Jr. High School and its employees, I would like to welcome you to our website. We are excited about the many improvements that you will be seeing on our website over the next several months. Internet technology is a very important communication tool that we plan on using to maximize the information available to our parents and students. We hope students and parents will utilize our website and seize this opportunity to allow us to better serve our students and their families. Our students’ successes are extremely important to all stakeholders at Parkview. This is evident in our mission statement: We at Parkview will respect, motivate, and inspire each other to be all we can be. We serve grades 6, 7, and 8, and our enrollment is approximately 280 students. We have 23 teachers in our building. A tremendous amount of pride is placed in our students and our school. Our educational and extracurricular programs are important to us. We encourage you to visit our teachers and be involved in your child’s education. You are welcome to contact our school, as your involvement is critical in helping your child succeed. On a more personal note, I have enjoyed my time as principal at Parkview Jr. High. We have a great group of kids in our school. and I have enjoyed getting to know them. Collectively, our teachers and staff are a very nice group of people who genuinely care about our students. They have been instrumental in developing a positive environment that is conducive to learning. Finally, as a graduate of Lawrenceville High School, it has been a pleasure to come back home. This community has been very good to me. It’s been a pleasure getting to meet and talk to several of our students’ parents. I am very thankful to be in Lawrenceville at Parkview, as it is a great place to work, and Lawrenceville is a nice place to live! If you have any questions or comments, visit me at Parkview, call me at 943-2327, or email me at jbrush@cusd20.com. Thanks again for visiting our website.

Jeremy Brush