LHS Teacher of the week Spotlight


"I love what I do. I use a lot of humor in my teaching. We can goof off some and still do chemistry. I'm not quite as rigid as maybe some of the other Chemistry teachers out there. "

- Dave Atkins, LHS Science Instructor


"The upside for me is that most kids want their driver's license, so they normally want to give me their best every day."

- Mark Stork, LHS Driver's Education


"Being around the kids every day in the gym and the weight room... it's my favorite. I love it when they compete against each other, but in a respectful way. We teach the students to compete. But we also teach sportsmanship."

- Misty Belleville, LHS PE/Health Instructor


"My favorite part of teaching is being around the kids. I never really wanted to sit in an office and just look at numbers all day. I always wanted to teach."

- Jayel Seitzinger, LHS Business Instructor


After 30 years in education, Mr. Gardner said, "I'm going to miss the interaction with students and the comradery with co-workers when I retire at the end of the year. "

- Jim Gardner, LHS ELA Instructor