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Leonardo Perri

Hudson Frey

Malikye Williams

JJ Wimberly

Delaney Ledbetter

Cale Seitzinger

Drew Seitzinger

Kaedan Morrison

Robert Decareau

Jack Preston

Dakota Sanders

Noah Carie

Daniel Kiser

Kasen Ochs

Trevor Loy

Marcus Hyre

Wyatt Scott

Nick Morehead

Dyaln Aten

Jaxtyn Chansler

Hudson Meek

Keegan Thompson

Dylan Camden

Tyson Lucas

Dalton Spahn

Steven Bridges

Chloe Seed


Congratulations to Coach Sam Hyre who got his 200th career win in the match against Robinson today!


Lawrence County Tourney CHAMPIONS!


Congratulations Dylan Camden co-MVP at Lawrence County Wrestling Tournament!


Kasen Ochs 1st place @ Skull and Crossbones


2nd place team win @ Skull and Crossbones Tourney




2nd place Carmi Tourney


1st place Olney Duals






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Mt Carmel




Benton Dual (JV)




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EI Tourney

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Congratulations to Dylan Camden and Delaney Ledbetter for placing 4th at IHSA sectionals. They will both advance to state next weekend!



Congratulations to the following LHS-RHHS wrestlers for advancing to IHSA Sectionals….

Drew Seitzinger 1st

Dylan Aten 2nd

Hudson Meek 3rd

Trevor Loy 3rd

Kasen Ochs 2nd

Dylan Camden 1st

Alternates: Daniel Kiser and Cale Seitzinger (4th place)

The team placed 2nd out of 11 teams.

Eastern IL Tourney - 1st Place 1/27

The LHS-RHHS wrestlers placed first in the Eastern Illinois wrestling tournament!

1 Lawrenceville 193.5

2 Olney (Richland County) 160.5

3 Robinson 144.5

4 Hoopeston 142.0

5 Carterville 111.5

6 Johnston City 101.5

7 Paris 93.0

8 Herrin 77.0

9 Oblong 73.5

10 Effingham (H.S.) 72.5

1st place

Daniel Kiser

2nd place

Drew Seitzinger

Dylan Aten

Trevor Loy

Kasen Ochs

Dylan Camden

3rd place

Hudson Meek

Jaxtyn Chansler

4th place

Tyson Lucas

5th place

Cale Seitzinger

Nick Morehead

6th place

Wyatt Scott

vs Paris 1/24

Paris - 21

LHS - RHHS - 57

Drew Seitzinger - win via pin

Delaney Ledbetter- loss via points

Jaxtyn Chansler - win via pin

Dylan Aten - win via pin

Cale Seitzinger- win via pin

Hudson Meek - win via pin

Daniel Kiser - win via pin

Trevor Loy - win via pin

Tyson Lucas - win via points

Nick Morehead - loss via pin

Kasen Ochs - win via pin

Noah Carie - loss via pin

Hudson Frey - loss via pin

Dylan Camden - win via pin

Exhibition matches

Wyatt Scott - win via pin

Kaeden Morrison - win via pin

Olney Duals 1/20

Congratulations to the LHS RHHS wrestlers for getting another first are this years Olney Duals! There were 8 teams who competed today.

Herrin 6 - Lawrenceville 76

Olney 21 - Lawrenceville 56

Litchfield 21 - Lawrenceville-52

Carmi Tourney 1/13

The LHS RHHS wrestlers placed 2nd at the Carmi Tourney falling short to Harrisburg by 1 pt.

Drew Seitzinger - 1st

Delaney Ledbetter - 5th

Jaxtyn Chansler - 2nd

Dylan Aten - 2nd

Cale Seitzinger- 3rd

Daniel Kiser - 1st

Jack Preston - 5th

Trevor Loy - 3rd

Tyson Lucas - 5th

Nick Morehead - 5th

Kasen Ochs - 3rd

Hudson Frey - 5th

Dylan Camden - 2nd

vs Olney 1/10

The high school wrestling team defeated Olney by a score of 56-18

106 - Drew Seitzinger - win by pin

113 - Delaney Ledbetter - win by forfeit

120 - Jaxtyn Chansler - loss by pin

126 - Dylan Aten - win by points

132 - Cale Seitzinger- win by pin

138 - Hudson Meek - win tech fall (15-0)

144 - Daniel Kiser - loss by pin

150 - Trevor Loy - win by pin

157 - Tyson Lucus - win by points

165 - Nick Morehead - win by pin

175 - Kasen Ochs - win by pin

190 - Noah Carie - loss by pin

215 - Hudson Frey - win by pin

285 - Dylan Camden - win by points

Robinson Duals 1/6

Congratulation to the wrestling team they got 1st place out of 6 teams today at the Robinson duals. They defeated Robinson, St. Joe, Paris, Cumberland, and Mt. Carmel.

vs Shelbyville 1/3

The LHS-RHHS wrestling team travelled to Shelbyville and suffered a 21-23 loss.

Win by pin:

Jaxtyn Chansler

Win by decision:

Tyson Lucas

Kasen Ochs

Dylan Camden


Malikye William

Abe's Rumble 12/29-30

Day 1

Defeated Camp Point Central 48-24

138 - Schenk Paul (Camp Point Central) over Daniel Kiser (Lawrenceville) Dec 3-0

144 - Hudson Meek (Lawrenceville) over Kanye Mitchell (Camp Point Central) Dec 4-3

150 - Konnor Bush (Camp Point Central) over Trevor Loy (Lawrenceville) TF 17-1

157 - Jack Thompson (Camp Point Central) over Tyson Lucas (Lawrenceville) Fall 2:27

165 - Conner Griffin (Camp Point Central) over Nick Morehead (Lawrenceville) Maj 16-4

175 - Kasen Ochs (Lawrenceville) over Jasper Flesner (Camp Point Central) Fall 1:56

190 - Malikye Williams (Lawrenceville) over Stormy Guthrie (Camp Point Central) Fall 1:37

215 - Hudson Frey (Lawrenceville) over Jacob Leenerts (Camp Point Central) Fall 1:39

285 - Dylan Camden (Lawrenceville) over Jack Weese (Camp Point Central) Dec 9-5

106 - Drew Seitzinger (Lawrenceville) over Charlie Welch (Camp Point Central) Fall 0:28

113 - Case Hughes (Camp Point Central) over Delaney Ledbetter (Lawrenceville) Fall 1:31

120 - Jaxtyn Chansler (Lawrenceville) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

126 - Dylan Aten (Lawrenceville) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

132 - Cale Seitzinger (Lawrenceville) over Dylan Mowen (Camp Point Central) Fall 3:14

Lost to Leroy 26-50

144 - Brock Owens (Leroy) over Hudson Meek (Lawrenceville) Fall 5:48

150 - Connor Mclaughlin (Leroy) over Trevor Loy (Lawrenceville) Dec 13-10

157 - Connor Lyons (Leroy) over Tyson Lucas (Lawrenceville) Fall 0:47

165 - Bo Zeleznik (Leroy) over Nick Morehead (Lawrenceville) Fall 0:47

175 - Kasen Ochs (Lawrenceville) over Gannon Pinkerton (Leroy) Maj 12-1

190 - Malikye Williams (Lawrenceville) over Adam Moore (Leroy) Fall 3:13

215 - Jacob Bischoff (Leroy) over Hudson Frey (Lawrenceville) Fall 1:21

285 - Tate Sigler (Leroy) over Dylan Camden (Lawrenceville) Fall 3:29

106 - Brady Mouser (Leroy) over Drew Seitzinger (Lawrenceville) Fall 2:45

113 - Delaney Ledbetter (Lawrenceville) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

120 - Jaxtyn Chansler (Lawrenceville) over Colton Haas (Leroy) Maj 13-5

126 - Dylan Aten (Lawrenceville) over Jackson Whalen (Leroy) Fall 2:17

132 - Kobe Brent (Leroy) over Cale Seitzinger (Lawrenceville) Fall 3:32

138 - Colton Prosser (Leroy) over Daniel Kiser (Lawrenceville) TF 16-1

Defeated Fairbury (Prarie Central) 71-3

157 - Tyson Lucas (Lawrenceville) over Antonio Vilchis (Fairbury (Prairie Central)) Fall 0:33

165 - Nick Morehead (Lawrenceville) over Aidan Harbarger (Fairbury (Prairie Central)) Dec 7-4

175 - Kasen Ochs (Lawrenceville) over Jack Rathbun (Fairbury (Prairie Central)) Fall 3:06

190 - Malikye Williams (Lawrenceville) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

215 - Hudson Frey (Lawrenceville) over Chloe Hoselton (Fairbury (Prairie Central)) Inj 2:00

285 - Dylan Camden (Lawrenceville) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

106 - Drew Seitzinger (Lawrenceville) over Yurithdzy Vilchis (Fairbury (Prairie Central)) Fall 1:19

113 - Delaney Ledbetter (Lawrenceville) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

120 - Jaxtyn Chansler (Lawrenceville) over Wyatt Strait (Fairbury (Prairie Central)) Fall 4:44

126 - Dylan Aten (Lawrenceville) over Prestin Gero (Fairbury (Prairie Central)) Fall 0:21

132 - Cale Seitzinger (Lawrenceville) over Alex Kaufman (Fairbury (Prairie Central)) Fall 1:38

138 - Daniel Kiser (Lawrenceville) over John Traub (Fairbury (Prairie Central)) Dec 4-1

144 - Hudson Meek (Lawrenceville) over Lee Slagel (Fairbury (Prairie Central)) Fall 0:58

150 - Ethan Ziller (Fairbury (Prairie Central)) over Trevor Loy (Lawrenceville) Dec 5-2

Lost to Newman Central Catholic 27-45

165 - Nick Morehead (Lawrenceville) over Ben Geske (Newman Central Catholic) SV-1 3-1

175 - Caleb Donna (Newman Central Catholic) over Kasen Ochs (Lawrenceville) Dec 4-2

190 - Quentin Williams (Newman Central Catholic) over Malikye Williams (Lawrenceville) Dec 9-2

215 - Jacob Newberry (Newman Central Catholic) over Hudson Frey (Lawrenceville) Fall 3:57

285 - Dylan Camden (Lawrenceville) over Cooper Spears (Newman Central Catholic) Fall 0:27

106 - Drew Seitzinger (Lawrenceville) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

113 - Delaney Ledbetter (Lawrenceville) over Blair Grennan (Newman Central Catholic) Fall 4:57

120 - Zhyler Hansen (Newman Central Catholic) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

126 - Dylan Aten (Lawrenceville) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

132 - Brady Grennan (Newman Central Catholic) over Cale Seitzinger (Lawrenceville) Fall 2:45

138 - Briar Ivey (Newman Central Catholic) over Daniel Kiser (Lawrenceville) Fall 5:18

144 - Carter Rude (Newman Central Catholic) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

150 - Seamus McDonnell (Newman Central Catholic) over Trevor Loy (Lawrenceville) Fall 1:01

157 - Leo Francis (Newman Central Catholic) over Tyson Lucas (Lawrenceville) Dec 6-1

Lost to Marion Central Catholic 12-61

175 - Nic Astacio (Marian Central Catholic) over Kasen Ochs (Lawrenceville) Dec 4-0

190 - Dan French (Marian Central Catholic) over Malikye Williams (Lawrenceville) Fall 1:08

215 - Hudson Frey (Lawrenceville) over Owen Neuzil (Marian Central Catholic) Fall 4:29

285 - Kaleb Eckman (Marian Central Catholic) over Dylan Camden (Lawrenceville) SV-1 3-1

106 - Hagevold Austin (Marian Central Catholic) over Drew Seitzinger (Lawrenceville) Fall 1:42

113 - Chandler Gardner (Marian Central Catholic) over Delaney Ledbetter (Lawrenceville) Dec 4-0

120 - Anthony Alanis (Marian Central Catholic) over Jaxtyn Chansler (Lawrenceville) Fall 1:21

126 - Brayden Teunissen (Marian Central Catholic) over Dylan Aten (Lawrenceville) Fall 2:54

132 - Andrew Alvarado (Marian Central Catholic) over Cale Seitzinger (Lawrenceville) Fall 1:36

138 - Vance Williams (Marian Central Catholic) over Daniel Kiser (Lawrenceville) Fall 0:30

144 - Hudson Meek (Lawrenceville) over Gin Loftin (Marian Central Catholic) Fall 0:19

150 - Josh Gawronski (Marian Central Catholic) over Trevor Loy (Lawrenceville) Maj 14-4

157 - Jimmy Mastny (Marian Central Catholic) over Tyson Lucas (Lawrenceville) Fall 1:35

165 - Max Astacio (Marian Central Catholic) over Nick Morehead (Lawrenceville) Fall 1:47

Day 2

The team placed fourth in the silver bracket

Lawrenceville defeated Sherrard 48-27

190 - Jonathan Weakley (Sherrard) over Malikye Williams (Lawrenceville) Dec 10-3

215 - Hudson Frey (Lawrenceville) over Payton German (Sherrard) Fall 1:43

285 - Dylan Camden (Lawrenceville) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

106 - Drew Seitzinger (Lawrenceville) over Luke Werner (Sherrard) Fall 3:09

113 - Braiden Krahl (Sherrard) over Delaney Ledbetter (Lawrenceville) Fall 2:53

120 - Jaxtyn Chansler (Lawrenceville) over Abby Weber (Sherrard) Fall 0:35

126 - Dylan Aten (Lawrenceville) over Blake Pender (Sherrard) Fall 7:27

132 - Cale Seitzinger (Lawrenceville) over Jacob Fratzke (Sherrard) Dec 8-6

138 - Jayden Thomson (Sherrard) over Daniel Kiser (Lawrenceville) Fall 2:38

144 - Hudson Meek (Lawrenceville) over Andrew Knox (Sherrard) Dec 2-0

150 - Trevor Loy (Lawrenceville) over Parker Adams (Sherrard) Fall 2:37

157 - Kaden Dutton (Sherrard) over Tyson Lucas (Lawrenceville) Fall 4:51

165 - Cyrus Hoke (Sherrard) over Nick Morehead (Lawrenceville) Fall 3:25

175 - Kasen Ochs (Lawrenceville) over Cooper Thomas (Sherrard) Fall 0:47

Lawrenceville defeated Stillman Valley 39-33

215 - Braxton Jennings (Stillman Valley) over Hudson Frey (Lawrenceville) Fall 2:51

285 - Dylan Camden (Lawrenceville) over Blake Mollet (Stillman Valley) Fall 2:31

106 - Michael Pannarale (Stillman Valley) over Drew Seitzinger (Lawrenceville) Maj 9-1

113 - Mack Jones (Stillman Valley) over Delaney Ledbetter (Lawrenceville) TF 16-0

120 - Jaxtyn Chansler (Lawrenceville) over Lane Reiniche (Stillman Valley) Fall 5:56

126 - Dylan Aten (Lawrenceville) over Noah Wright (Stillman Valley) Fall 0:31

132 - Cale Seitzinger (Lawrenceville) over Brodie Watterson (Stillman Valley) Fall 1:18

138 - Daniel Kiser (Lawrenceville) over Chase Jones (Stillman Valley) Dec 3-0

144 - Hudson Meek (Lawrenceville) over Henry Hildreth (Stillman Valley) Dec 9-7

150 - Brandon Pittman (Stillman Valley) over Trevor Loy (Lawrenceville) Fall 1:08

157 - Brady Hinkle (Stillman Valley) over Tyson Lucas (Lawrenceville) Fall 3:57

165 - Ethan Waugh (Stillman Valley) over Nick Morehead (Lawrenceville) Fall 4:46

175 - Kasen Ochs (Lawrenceville) over Braden Rogers (Stillman Valley) Fall 4:28

190 - Malikye Williams (Lawrenceville) over Brock Needs (Stillman Valley) Dec 6-1

Clifton Central defeated Lawrenceville 46-30

285 - Dylan Camden (Lawrenceville) over Cooper Moyer (Clifton Central) Fall 0:50

106 - Drew Seitzinger (Lawrenceville) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

113 - Beau Williams (Clifton Central) over Delaney Ledbetter (Lawrenceville) Fall 4:37

120 - Blake Hemp (Clifton Central) over Jaxtyn Chansler (Lawrenceville) Dec 11-5

126 - Dylan Aten (Lawrenceville) over Hayden Husch (Clifton Central) Fall 0:21

132 - Garrison Bailey (Clifton Central) over Cale Seitzinger (Lawrenceville) Dec 6-5

138 - Evan Cox (Clifton Central) over Daniel Kiser (Lawrenceville) Maj 9-0

144 - Giona Panozzo (Clifton Central) over Hudson Meek (Lawrenceville) Fall 0:51

150 - Gianni Panozzo (Clifton Central) over Trevor Loy (Lawrenceville) Fall 3:26

157 - Chris Andrade (Clifton Central) over Tyson Lucas (Lawrenceville) Fall 1:19

165 - Maxwell Joseph (Clifton Central) over Nick Morehead (Lawrenceville) Fall 0:11

175 - Kasen Ochs (Lawrenceville) over Kyle Plante (Clifton Central) Fall 2:40

190 - Malikye Williams (Lawrenceville) over Izzy Alvarez (Clifton Central) Fall 3:55

215 - Josh McCurry (Clifton Central) over Hudson Frey (Lawrenceville) Fall 2:36

Seneca defeated Lawrenceville 54-22

106 - Raiden Terry (Seneca) over Drew Seitzinger (Lawrenceville) Fall 3:26

113 - Wyatt Coop (Seneca) over Delaney Ledbetter (Lawrenceville) Dec 10-8

120 - Ethan Othon (Seneca) over Jaxtyn Chansler (Lawrenceville) Fall 1:09

126 - Dylan Aten (Lawrenceville) over Michael Kucinic (Seneca) Fall 0:31

132 - Cale Seitzinger (Lawrenceville) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

138 - Daniel Kiser (Lawrenceville) over Devon Daemicke (Seneca) Maj 11-2

144 - Nick Grant (Seneca) over Hudson Meek (Lawrenceville) Dec 6-3

150 - Nate Othon (Seneca) over Trevor Loy (Lawrenceville) Fall 3:35

157 - Gunner Varland (Seneca) over Tyson Lucas (Lawrenceville) Fall 1:08

165 - Memphis Echeverria (Seneca) over Nick Morehead (Lawrenceville) Fall 3:22

175 - Asher Hamby (Seneca) over Malikye Williams (Lawrenceville) Fall 0:59

190 - Kasen Ochs (Lawrenceville) over Landen Venecia (Seneca) Fall 1:34

215 - Chris Peura (Seneca) over Hudson Frey (Lawrenceville) Fall 1:26

285 - Jeremy Gagnon (Seneca) over Dylan Camden (Lawrenceville) Fall 5:43

vs Carmi 12/18

The LHS-RHHS wrestlers defeated Carmi-White County by a score of 62-12

win by pin:

Dylan Aten

Cale Seitzinger

Hudson Meek

Trevor Loy

Tyson Lucas

Nick Morehead

Dylan Camden

Delaney Ledbetter

Jaxtyn Chansler

win by major decision

Drew Seitzinger

win by decision

Kasen Ochs

Jack Preston and Chloe Seed also picked up wins in exhibition matches.

Skull and Crossbones 12/16

The wrestlers had another successful weekend at the Skull and Crossbones tournament. The team placed 2nd behind Fithian (Oakwood) out of 21 teams.

Kasen Ochs brought home 1st place for the team.

4th place finishers were Dylan Aten, Hudson Meek, and Dylan Camden

5th place was Drew Seitzinger

6th place was Trevor Loy and Nick Morehead

vs Effingham 12/13

LHS-RHHS 63  Effingham 15

Winning by pin:
Tyson Lucas
Nick Morehead
Kasen Ochs
Dylan Camden

Winning by decision:
Trevor Loy

Winning by forfeit:
Drew Seitzinger
Keegan Thompson
Cale Seitzinger
Malikye Williams
Hudson Frey

vs Fairfield 12/13

Win 44-33

Winning by pin:
Drew Seitzinger
Keegan Thompson
JJ Wimberly (exhibition)
Cale Seitzinger
Dylan Aten
Daniel Kiser (exhibition)
Chloe Seed (exhibition)
Jack Preston (exhibition)
Kasen Ochs 
Malikye Williams
Steven Bridges (exhibition)

Winning by tech fall:
Jaxtyn Chansler

Winning by decision:
Trevor Loy

@ Porta Invite 12/9

The LHS-RHHS varsity wrestling team participated in the Rex Avery Porta Invite on Saturday. The team placed 11th out of 31 teams.

Placing for the team:

Drew Seitzinger - 4th place

Trevor Loy - 5th place

Kasen Ochs - 2nd place


vs Mt Carmel 12/7

The LHS-RHHS wrestling team had their first dual last night against Mt Carmel and won by 73-6.

Winning by forfeit was: Drew Seitzinger, Delaney Ledbetter, Keegan Thompson, Wyatt Scott

Winning by pin: Jaxtyn Chansler, Dylan Aten, Daniel Kiser, Kaedan Morrison, Trevor Loy, Nick Morehead, Kasen Ochs, and Dylan Camden

Winning by decision: Marcus Hyre and Dalton Spahn

Lawrence County Wrestling Tourney 12/2

Congratulations to the Lawrenceville Red Hill co-op wrestling team! They are the champions of the annual Lawrence County wrestling tournament!

1st place

Drew Seitzinger

Hudson Meek

Kasen Ochs

Dylan Camden (Dylan was also awarded co-mvp of the tournament)

2nd place

Dylan Aten

3rd place

Cale Seitzinger

Trevor Loy

Dalton Spahn

4th place

Delaney Ledbetter

Malakye Williams

5th place

Jaxtyn Chansler

6th place

Tyson, Lucas

There were 14 teams present in the todays tournament. Fairfield placed third with 168 points, Harrisburg second with 212 , and Lawrenceville brought home the championship with 232 points.

They will travel to Mt Carmel on Thursday at 6 o’clock. Great job!