Each senior may have one college day. The student may take a full day to visit a school or university; however, the student is allowed only a half day to visit a junior college in the immediate area. The absence is considered to be an excused pre-arranged absence. Seniors are encouraged to attend open houses and tours on non­attendance days, such as Columbus Day or School Improvement days. Many colleges now host open houses on holidays in order to accommodate potential students' schedules.

The following procedure should be followed in order for the day to count as a pre-arranged absence day:

  • Visit with counselor to:

    • Discuss arrangements/appointments at the college

    • Confirm date and times

    • Complete paperwork

  • Get a pre-arranged absence slip from secretary and show it to every teacher

  • Visit college

    • Ask lots of questions

    • Secure a letter stating your presence

    • Return completed form to counselor with parent signature

  • Give letter to secretary for excused absence verification

College Day Form