There is a great array of resources available online for students interested in pursuing higher education. Reference materials of various qualities and accessibilities are used often by students who find them on the sites of local and field leaders like Lawrenceville High School, but the number of resources for our students interested in a military college or education are much harder to find and rely on.

In consideration of this, TheBestSchools.org has set out to build guides to military academics that are high-quality, up-to-date, and open use. They include information on programs, academies, and scholarships. It's our hope to reach as many interested students as we can, in Lawrenceville and across the nation.

You can take a look at our guides here:

Military Academics Student Series

Military Academy Fundamentals - https://thebestschools.org/resources/military-academies/

Military Program Essentials - https://thebestschools.org/rankings/best-online-military-studies-programs/

Military Education Overview - https://thebestschools.org/resources/military-education/

We'd like to reach our students with help from Lawrenceville High School. Placing links to these guides on Lawrenceville High School's site can help students looking for direction to make the right academic choices for themselves. Please help us reach students by linking to these guides - a visible page such as https://www.cusd20.com/o/lhs/page/military-links--2 could be a great place to reach them, but feel free to link to them wherever you feel is suitable.

Thank you for sharing these educational resources. Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

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Not to decide is to decide.

The Academic Foundation is proud to announce the Poppe Vocational Scholarship. This scholarship may be awarded for a short certification or training program. This scholarship is intended to help a student that is interested in pursuing a career in a vocational program. Welding, Process Tech, Broadband, Auto, Pharmacy Tech, CNA, RN, Medical Coding are just a few examples of the types of programs that this scholarship would cover.

The application is available in the guidance office and the deadline is March 13, 2020.

Scholarships now available in the Guidance Office:

Ambraw Federal Credit Union, Aperion Care, Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce, Delts Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation, Ike Coonce Memorial Scholarship, Kyle Andrews Memorial Scholarship, Lawrenceville Moose Lodge, People's State Bank, Red Fez Nursing Scholarship, Lawrenceville Rotary, V.F.W, Baker Scholarship, Art's Council,Casey State Bank, Industrial Development Council, Lawrence County Memorial Hospital Health Care Scholarship, Valerie Stevens Memorial Scholarship, Illinois Masonic Scholarship, Members of the Evansville Teacher's Credit Union, Kenneth and Ruby Waller Memorial Scholarship.Rotary International Dis 6510 Scholarship application is now available in the guidance office. Deadline April 1. Zippia's Annual "Dream Job" Scholarship: https://www.zippia.com/research/scholarship/

Elks Children's Care Corporation Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy Assistant Scholarship application is available in the guidance office. Deadline March 13th

Tri State Desk and Derrick Club Scholarship is available in the guidance office. Must be attending a trade or tech school. Deadline April 1

Cowen Schlarship App is available in Guidance office. This is for the trades or an apprenticeship program. Deadline March 31

When other's become available, they will be added to announcements

.Mark your calendar for Lawrenceville High School's financial aid night.
October 24th, 4:30-7:00 in room 105
Same night as Parent teachers Conference, this is a FAFSA Completion Activity. Visit with your student's teachers and then stop by and fill out the FAFSA or fill out your FAFSA and then visit with the teachers.📝

Here is a list of things to bring:

1. Federal Pin Number

2. Dr. License number

3. Social Security number

4.Most current Tax return

5.Proof of nontaxable income

6.Record of Assets

7. List of schools

Scholarship info:

Elks Club Scholarships:

Most Valuable - Applicant need not be related to a member of the Elks.Elks Most Valuable Due Nov. 5

Legacy Awards -child, step-child or grandchild, step-grandchild of a living Elks member Legacy Scholarship Due Jan . 31

Scholarships are in the guidance office

  • Horatio Alger Due Oct. 25
  • Ike Coonce Memorial Vo-Tech Due March 31
  • Kyle Andrew Memorial Vo-Tech Due March 31
  • Lawrence County Arts Council Due March 31
  • Lawrence County Chamber of commerce Due March 31
  • Lawrence County Industrial Development Council Scholarship Due March 29
  • Lawrence County Shrine Club "Red Fez Scholarship" Nursing Career Due March 31
  • Lawrenceville Rotary Memorial Scholarship Due March 31
  • Moose Family Center Lodge Due March 31
  • Peoples State Bank scholarship Application Due March 29
  • VFW Due March 31
  • Harmony Society Scholarship Due March 15
  • Illinois Sheriffs Association Deadline March 15
  • Lawrence County Foundation & Young Leaders Due March 15
  • Lawrence County Industrial Development Council Scholarship Due March 29
  • St. Francisville Bev Longenecker Scholarship Due March 29
  • Ambraw Credit Union Due March 31
  • Aperion Care Due March 31
  • Casey State Bank Due March 31
  • Delta Theta Tau Due March 31

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) available at https://bismarckstate.edu/news/BSCnuclearenergyscholarship/

BSC is regionally accredited and is the only fully online program authorized by the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) to issue the NUCP certificate through a partnership with the Exelon Cooperation.

Wabash Valley College Scholarship applications are available at Wabash Valley College visit this site frequently, scholarship applications are only available during certain windows of time.

Are you majoring in Agriculture? Then you will want to apply for the Farm Credit Scholarship. Farm Credit Application

Vincennes University Scholarship application is available at VU Scholarship Application.

Elks Club scholarship applications available at Elks Scholarships

Community Banking Scholarship Application is available in the Guidance office. Any major may apply.

Michael Hindman Teacher Ed Scholarship application is available in the guidance office. Students must be majoring in education.

Is Norris Electric your power company? Apply for one of their many scholarships online at Norris Electric Application see guidance for more info. 

Olney Central Community College Scholarship applications are available at Olney Scholarships visit this site frequently, scholarship applications are only available during certain windows of time.

American Legion Auxiliary has various scholarships available in the guidance office. Stop by the guidance office for more information.

Will you be 18 between Jan 2-Jan 31, then you may pick up an application for the Local No. 841 Apprenticeship and Training Program In Vincennes. This is the Heavy Equipment Operators.